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Korg Triton Rack Editor and Librarian

for Midi Quest iPad

Developed specifically for the Korg Triton Rack, Sound Quest's Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian protects the Triton Rack from data loss, provides an intuitive graphic interface to display the instrument's settings, and includes unparalleled editing, organization, and creative tools to maximize the sonic potential of the Triton Rack.

With support for over 630 instruments and devices, Midi Quest is the only editor/librarian to offer fully integrated, studio wide, SysEx management in a single app.

Sound Quest's 30 year history of creating editor/librarian software for MIDI hardware means that Midi Quest offers the most comprehensive suite of SysEx tools found anywhere. Midi Quest includes the basics that should be included in every editor/librarian, integrated storage and editing of both patch and bank SysEx (don't expect bank editors in simple panel editing software). Midi Quest also includes advanced tools and features which are unique to the app such as intelligent patch generators, block copy tools, unlimited undo, parent/child patch management, and much more.

MIDI Quest for iPad allows you to manage the following SysEx from the Triton Rack: Multi/Sequence, Combi Bank A, Combi Bank B, Combi Bank C, Combi Bank D, Combi Bank E, Combi Bank EXB A, Combi Bank EXB B, Combi Bank EXB C, Combi Bank EXB D, Combi Bank EXB E, Combi Bank EXB F, Combi Bank EXB G, Combi Bank EXB H, Combination, Program Bank A, Program Bank B, Program Bank C, Program Bank D, Program Bank E, Program Bank F (MOSS), Program Bank EXB A, Program Bank EXB B, Program Bank EXB C, Program Bank EXB D, Program Bank EXB E, Program Bank EXB F, Program Bank EXB G, Program Bank EXB H, Program, Program (MOSS), Drum Bank, Drums, Drum Bank (Exp), Drums (Exp), Arpeggio Bank, Arpeggio, Arpeggio Bank (Exp), Arpeggio (Exp), Global, All Data, Patch Bank (A - E) and All Combi Banks.

Below is a sampling of Midi Quest features. For more detail on all of Midi Quest for iPad's features, tap here.

Patch Editors
Each graphic editor is custom designed with logically grouped controls for fast and easy editing of SysEx
Real Time Updates - all parameter updates are automatically sent to the Triton Rack so it stays in sync with Midi Quest during editing
Parameter Editing
  • intuitive grab and drag editing or,
  • select new values from a pop-up list
  • natural circular editing for rotary controls
Scale editors to any size (up to 3x standard size)
Unlimited Undo for risk free editing and experimentation (requires iPad with 2MB+ RAM)
Real time tracking and display of edited vs. un-edited parameters
Automated and manual patch auditioning options: pitch and velocity sensitive virtual keyboard, Smart Thru for external keyboard auditioning
Block copy/swap allows chunks of a patch (Oscillator, LFO, Envelopes, Effects, etc) to be copied and pasted within a patch, or to another patch

Bank Editors
Intuitive multi-patch drag and drop interface to copy, paste, or swap patches within the current bank or with other banks
1-tap audition automatically auditions the selected patch on the instrument
Unlimited Undo with undo history - back out of any editing changes (requires iPad with 4MB+ RAM)
5 Patch Generator Tools quickly and intelligently create entire banks of unique new sounds using: Morph, Mix, Mix All, Blend, and Gen 4
Rename patches
Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options

Backup all SysEx from the Triton Rack, just in case...
Restore all SysEx to the Triton Rack
Automatic import of SysEx stored in .syx and .mid files - a single file can contain SysEx for one or multiple instruments and include patches, banks and and other SysEx
Imported SysEx is automatically opened in the appropriate Midi Quest editor
Active Receive - when enabled, any SysEx bulk dump manually transmitted from an instrument is automatically received and displayed in the appropriate editor
MIDI Monitor displays all MIDI input and output by port
Share files with Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest
Import Set, Collection, Patch, and Bank SysEx files from Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest using iCloud, Dropbox, email attachments, or any other source
Free Patches in Patch Zone! Midi Quest for iPad includes a library of public domain sounds which have been collected, converted to Midi Quest's file format, and freed of duplicates. This library includes for the Korg Triton Rack and is a great way to instantly enhance your collection of sonic resources.

The editor/librarian requires an iPad with a minimum of 2GB of RAM
In-app purchase price: US$99

The Korg Triton Rack Editor and Librarian operates in demo mode until activated with an in-app purchase.

Sound Quest has developed and/or licensed software to the top three synthesizer manufacturers along with other major MIDI hardware makers including: Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Alesis, Akai, Line 6, M-Audio, and TC-Electronic.

Midi Quest is the only editor/librarian ever to receive a 10 out of 10 rating from Electronic Musician.

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Midi Quest for iPad Instrument Support List
  Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Multi/Sequence Editor
Multi/Sequence Editor

Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Combination Editor
Combination Editor

Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Program Editor
Program Editor

Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Drums Editor
Drums Editor

Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Arpeggio Editor
Arpeggio Editor

Click to display the Korg Triton Rack Global Editor
Global Editor